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Dear SAM members, dear visitors,

after we have been facing a significant growth of our club during the past years, we have decided to redesign our internet presentation. It is obvious, that it is necessary to present a modern internet site which is providing an understanding of the structures and the program of our club, including relevant news around sportive shooting activities.

Please keep in mind, that an internet presentation is not a one man show. Depending on your input, the site may grow and become more and more interesting for folks looking around for a modern, competent club. Meanwhile we count more than 90 members, therefore please support the web-master with input.

Further more, we are facing a number of changes in the future. For example, we will stop to send to our members information by using direct mailing functionality. Instead, we will drop news by using the newsletter channel. Please subsribe to the newsletter, in order to receive information just in time. Other relevant information content will be posted on the page in the news section.

Regarding the Munich Open registration and content, you will find the link right on this page in the Munich Open section.

Best regards

Johann Kurz
1. Vorstand

Important information

Restricted admittance

Due to the high numbers of members which have joined the SAM club during the past period, we are forced to stop the admittance of new members.

Dieser gilt ab sofort bis zum 31.Deuember 2020.

This is limited up to 31. December 2020.

Afterwards we will decide if we can continue with the admittance of new members.

Many thanks for your understanding.

The SAM e.V. managing board


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